The Personal Face of Science empowers people to make informed decisions regarding societal issues based on science and technology and sustainable business practices. These decisions can be actioned by individuals locally, with broader impact on our communities and the wider world.

At the time of its launch, this website contains a personal call to action regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. The web site will be expanded in the future to empower personal action related to climate change, sustainability, health and well-being, and social inclusivity and equity.

Latest from the Blog

Freedom Through Interdependence

By Janet von Konsky Miller, MPH 7/4/20 In recent years, my husband and I have often sought out community firework displays on the 4th of July. Whether we find a lookout spot to view the glittering sky show from afar or seek the crowds to experience the soundwaves as each explosive blast bursts a spray […]

Pandemic Coping Tool Box

By Janet von Konsky Miller, MPH 4/21/20 I took a virtual yoga class a week ago. In the week before this class, I had noticed that maintaining my lockdown morale had become more of an effort. As lockdown wore on, I had noticed others expressing likewise morale challenge. During class, the virtual yoga instructor voiced […]

Face Masks

By Janet von Konsky Miller, MPH 4/5/20 As the week-3 SIP closes amidst changing guidelines for wearing face masks during essential outings, it was delightful to see my SIP-mate dive into the art and craft of face mask making yesterday. He experimented with scarfs and shop towels. While he was busy creating, I dove into […]

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